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Antónimo- Raicilla- Case 6- 750 ml Bottles- D.O.- La Orilla, Jalisco

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More fragrant than Tequila, and without the signature smokiness of Mezcal, it's agave spirits cousins, Raicilla is noted for floral and vegetal overtones. Antónimo Raicilla is mainly from wild agaves found near the mountain ranges near La Orilla, Jalisco, such as Pata de Mula (Mule’s Leg), Maximiliana and Valenciana agaves.  Our agaves get cooked in clay ovens to obtain fruity notes that complement the herbal notes provided by our agave’s terroir, and then double distilled in small 250 liter batches.Case 6- 750 ml Bottles CPB $46.20 750 ml Bottle MSRP $62.99 750 ml BottleDistilled Agave Spirit D.O. Raicilla43% ABV.Made in La Orilla, Jalisco.